Saturday, February 27, 2010

on the road again

From the time our youngest, Ezekiel, was two months old our family of six has been on a somewhat Nomadic journey.  We left Alaska, our home of seven years, and were literally catapulted into international ministry.  Since our Alaska Exodus in 2005 we have traveled to most of the fifty states, multiple countries and countless cities as a family.  We have so many humorous, crazy memories of being on the road exploring, visiting, and preaching the gospel. 

John Travels mostly on his own, although it is a constant desire of his to never be away from me and the kids.  This month we will join him on our eleventh tour as a family

Destinations: Texas, Atl. GA, Charlotte NC, NY, Tolland CT, Zion IL, twin cities, Kansas City, Durango Co......and more in-between.