Sunday, May 26, 2013

Decided to copy my facebook status archive.

thinks the best thing I could be doing is spending time enjoying my children who are growing fast! Dec. 5,2008

is in Boston, anticipating a snow storm!

9 years of marital bliss! Happy anniversary to us:)

Australia is the most beautiful place I have ever visited! I am loving it here, loving basking in His Glory with these lovely people! Life is beautiful

John is preaching the gospel to 35,000 people in India right now!!!!
Dec. 10, 2009

John is home from India, lots of good stories, lots of fishies in the boat!

John hooked them up with cowboy boots on their road trip with Dad. How cute!

John surprised us and came home a week early! came home and found him hiding with a dozen roses! I am so happy!
October 5, 2010

coming out of our religious closet this year....Going to let the kids trick or treat! I think they will still love and serve Jesus at the end of the night:) Oct. 26,2010

a homeless man sat down with the kids at church last night and taught them how to make paper airplanes and how to weave a basket. He felt so special and needed! The kids loved it. Later that night we saw him sleeping on a table in the back:)
Nov. 29,2010

I like hotdogs. Is that cool with you guys? Just wanted to say something normal because it seems everyone posts ultra-spiritual statuses. Feels like I am in the Hallmark section of status updates:). Naturally super-natural guy's! Feb.10,2011

Nova's chalk art and her way of telling me that she wants a bird! Feb.12, 2011

Sent my girl to high-school today. I have home schooled her since she was 5 so it was a big deal for me. August 16,2011

My six year old makes me breakfast in bed for Mothers Day: a rice cake with chopped up banana....and blue marker stains from his dirty fingers. It's the thought that counts:)

Our Nova turns 9 tomorrow! We have a little baby bunny hiding in our bathroom for her. I cannot wait to see her face tomorrow! July 9, 2012

My beautiful Maile is 15 today! Her life continues to evoke such love and joy in our lives. I love you and I am so proud of you. — with Maile Crowder.

John and I came home from a date night last night to this scenario: Dirty dishes on the living room floor, Twister game set up in the kitchen and my youngest woke up this morning with his chest decorated in sharpie mustaches, eyeballs around his nipples and the words"I AM HOT" written in red across his chest! Aug. 21, 2012

My wonderful husband takes my three youngest with him for four whole days!  With all this free time I made all these ambitious, productive plans....Finish my book, clean, organize, work out, finish new paintings....What have I done you ask???....Sleep, watch Parenthood, and scan Pinterest! Nov. 17,2012

Ezekiel brought this video up to me at the library. He said it would really help me out. You think I should check it out?

Watching my kids learn to ski — at Sitzmark.

It has come to this....I am now posting photos of baby animals!

Motherhood is awesome! I will be forever relentless in this claim. March 6, 2013

My son just paid me back for an iTunes purchase....he brought me a crumpled up five dollar bill and a TOOTH he just lost, said that should cover it! March 29, 2013

My Dad had a heart attack this morning. Please keep him in your prayers April 21, 2013

My children getting bigger! And more wonderful! Oh I love them!

Older and hopefully wiser:) good time with my John.

Nova in her first real- grown- up art class! She is totally in her element.

Going to the swimming hole on this 87 degree Mother's Day #Gardenofeden @Garden of Eden

My 8 year old son's Mother's Day card to me said: "Mom, I will never let you go cause you're my lady"- I found out he wrote me the lyrics to a song.
 May 13, 2013

Lovely walk on Pleasure Point tonight.

It is official! Been talking about it for a couple years now. The Crowders are moving to Portland Oregon! One more month in the Cali sunshine....Oh I will miss the sun and surf.....But a new and exciting chapter awaits us. May 16, 2013

Maile. Prom. They are friends:)

May 2013