Thursday, March 10, 2011

Setting up the art studio

Recently my half sister, who I did not grow up with and have just recently been thoroughly enjoying getting to know, moved to San Francisco with her husband and my niece and nephew.  She is an artist, Julia Salinas, and has found a community of artists who share studio space in SF.  I drove up to view a show of hers along with the other artists in the studios and left so inspired by Julia and motivated to find a studio of my own to create in.

Within a week I landed an amazing 325 sq. ft. studio by the beach for a killer deal!  It was so easy and effortless I knew it was "meant to be:)" I will be sharing it with my dear friend Stephanie Dunn and we are so excited to let loose and find ourselves as artists. Having been a "kitchen table" artist for years I am so excited to have a whole studio to get messy in!  I cannot contain myself!  John and the kids are so happy for me as well, cheering me on and they even came and helped me set up. I plan incorporating art time with the kids here as much as I can, they have all come and painted with me this week and loved their time there. This has been a long-time dream of mine!

first week of projects:
Mixed media 4'x2'
acrylic, etchings, gold leaf

Mosaic glass tile:

Nova's creations:

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