Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spring photo journaling

Noodle House in Union Square

Lombard st. San Francisco

Riding the Cable Cars of San Fran is a must for all visitors.

Ezekiel, my strong man, had us wondering if he may always be "tough" and never "tender" but he has proven us wrong. He is so loving and tender to anything small and fragile. It is so sweet to see such a tough boy be so loving.

This is baby Elliot, first baby born in the Santa Cruz church and we are all so happy to have a baby in our lives to love.  All my kids are so excited about his arrival.

End of the year school play based on early American history.

Scarlet Pimpernel.

cousin silliness.

Jonas takes home 1st place at a Jui Jitsu tournament

Francesco the bird joins the family.

Nova and I enjoyed a princess lunch where she was able to meet and get the signatures of all the Disney princesses. We had such a special time together.

Disneyland as a family.  All our kids are at the perfect age for this. We could all go on every ride together, all the kids were old enough to enjoy everything, we had so much fun!  Getting there early is a must and learning about Fast Passes will save you hours of waiting in long lines.

boy cousins visit from Alaska, we wish they could move here!

Nova has trained Francesco diligently and has enjoyed the results.  She is the "bird lady."

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