Wednesday, January 1, 2014

photo journaling and saying goodbye to 2013 Part 1

June 29, 1013...Crowders leave CA and head to Portland in the heat of the summer. We underestimated the amount of room we had in our Moving truck, so we ended up with my favorite lawn chair tied to the roof of our car and a bunny and bird practically on our laps (not pictured). It was 103 degrees, and the AC was conveniently broken. Craziest, hottest drive of my life:)

Saying a goodbye to my home town, Capitola....I'll be back soon.
The boys with their first Jiu Jitsu instructor, and at their last tournament in Santa Cruz. Now they are training at Five Rings JJ in Portland.
Enjoying our favorite Santa Cruz summer perk....Locals night at the Boardwalk. I love sharing my favorite childhood memories with my kids
Ezekiel turns 8, yep! My baby is 8!!! He is the coolest kid, can't tell you how much I like him and love him even more.
Threw a surprise party for Ezekiel at the local roller rink, He had no idea and did not expect a party because we were in the middle of moving. This party became a "good-bye" party for him as well, all his buddies got to come say farewell. Sweet memories.

Kids see our Portland house for the first time. So excited to own a home!
First time swimming in our neighborhood lake. Making new summer memories in our new home. I miss so much about Santa Cruz, but what new perspectives Portland and Oregon living have already brought us. I know God has something so special for each of us here in Portland. We jump in expectantly!
4th of July in our new home.
View from our new house is amazing.
My Nova turns 10. All set with her net, so she can catch specimens in our lakes and rivers. This girl continues to remain original and one-of-a-kind. I look back on this photo, and realize how rapidly she has matured since this birthday, my youngest girl is becoming a young lady and she is so lovely. 

Shopping spree on NW 23rd for Novas Birthday.
Family hike in the Gorge. My favorite part about our move is our close proximity to the mountains where I can share my love for hiking with my children. So far, they don't like it...But I am determined:)
Young Zooks maintaining our beautiful yard. His job for the summer was trimming the hedges:)
Fishing on the Willamette across from our house is great practice for fishing the Columbia.

We are so happy the beautiful coast is only a short drive away. Here are the girls at Ecola state park, Crescent Beach
Alaskan cousins come visit us in our new home.
My sister Sarah, teaching Ezekiel to make me bloody mary's, my favorite!
Jonas visits my sisters family in Alaska for the ultimate wilderness experience. Alaska is for boys!
Maile turns 16!
Maile with her new car. She is amazing and we are proud of her.
One of many waterfalls we have hiked to this year. All that PNW rain results in many beautiful falls.
The farms around Portland are so rich.
some of our oldest friend live here as well as some of our newest friends. We are so thankful for them.

I have dreamed of a dining room table like this! I plan on having my grand-kids sit here one day. So many things are built around the dinner table.
My sweet Jonas turns 12, he is such a stellar young man. I am amazed by his character and could not be more proud. God is so faithful in my children.
This happened! Family rafting trip for Jonas' 12th Birthday. So much fun and a great close to our summer.
Jonas' first day of school. No more homes school for this boy.
Ezekiel goes to school! I am only home schooling Nova this year. The boys love their new school and Nova loves being at home and part of an amazing home school group.
dressed up for our 13th Anniversary.
13 years with this amazing man. Glad I said yes!
Rain boots replacing my flip-flops. I get my vitamin D from a pill now, and some vacations to the sun.
Sisters! These two have really connected this year.


  1. You're book is, changing my life. Thank you so much for bringing the heart of the Gospel to my everyday life as a mother<3

    1. Thank you Jamie. Time to start blogging again.

    2. Hi Lilly. I love your blog about Oregon and your move and family. So cool. Thank you!!!

    3. Hi Lilly. I love your blog about Oregon and your move and family. So cool. Thank you!!!

  2. I keep checking back to see if you have blogged again. :)