Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crowder 2010 highlights.

It has been fun recapping our past year with the kids. We reminisced over the last year on New Years Eve with the kids.  We all agreed it was a great year we are thankful for how full it has been. 

There are some main highlights that seem to stand out more in the forefront of our faves in 2010, but there are the sweet, little details and memories that I don't want to forget as we casually enter another year. All our children a year older, leaving another season of their childhood behind.  I love the "BIG" moments but some of the smaller, sweeter moments are what really makes me smile as I recall our last year.  Life is sweet, every detail!

So....Peace out 2010!  We anticipate and gratefully participate in the history making of a new year.

highlights ( in no particular order):

1.) Nova lost her two front teeth.  

2.) We take our forth family, across country, road trip.  From the East coast to the West coast and officially completing the completion of " setting foot in all of the 50 states." 
3.)  Cousins and family from Alaska visit.

4.) We were gifted a beach house on the sea of Cortes.  Giving us the ultimate family vacation!

 5.) All my summer babies are a year older!  Ezekiel (5), Nova (7), Jonas (9) and Maile (13).

6.)  Maile goes to the Amazon with John.

7.) We thoroughly enjoyed our second summer living in Santa Cruz.  Days at the beach, boardwalk, hiking and camping in our redwoods, learning to surf, playing in the river, trips to San Fran, skate boarding.  We live in the most awesome place!

 8.) We get to travel as a family to New Zealand and Australia for the month of September.

9.) John and I celebrate 10 years of marriage in Rome. 

10.) Maile dances a beautiful "toy ballerina doll" in this years Nutcracker

11.) Nova and I  get a solo trip to Maui to visit my sister and her family.

12.) Nova gets her ears pierced.
13.) Ezekiel learns to read.

14.) John's new book are complete!

14.) The kids enjoy developing talents.  As well as character:) 

We feel lavished this year.  Attributing everything to God's grace!  Thankfulness fills our hearts. Cheers!

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  1. Lily, I found your blog too! I was enjoying looking at all of your sweet pictures from the front seat of the car. The kids kept begging to see, so I passed each picture around like a story book! Thanks for sharing. Happy to see you shared a link for the Amish program you told us about. Going to watch it on the lap top when we get home!
    Love to you and yours! Tiffany Chetta