Wednesday, January 19, 2011

savoring every moment with my babies!

Every mother raising a tribe of “under three’s” finding herself in the frenzied state of nursing, chasing toddlers, sleep deprived moment that seems will never end, has been approached by the elder woman who has seen her children grow and leave much to quickly. She implores the frazzled mother and encourages her. “Enjoy every moment with those babies honey, because they grow way to fast!” Listen to that grandma, because she is right! Find every ounce of awareness in your tired state to pause and remember that there is nothing better to do with your time than be with your babies, albeit challenging and exhausting to the extreme.

Now I have become that imploring mother!

Ezekiel, my youngest, lost his first tooth yesterday. It was one of those moments that would highlight the fact that my children are all growing up! Being past the “my baby popped his first tooth!” phase and now in the “my baby lost his first tooth!” phase is somewhat bittersweet.

I wish I had two more! Babies that is. I have suddenly found a greater value in every moment of motherhood, wanting to take it all in, be completely present in the NOW. Not wandering in thought of being somewhere else or doing something other than what is contained in this sweet season of mothering my four.

I wonder, realistically, if I did have another nursing baby and a toddler running around the house, would I relish a first lost tooth event? Or would I quickly pass it by, not noticing how it marks another milestone in the life of my five year old? I guess it is the youngest in the birth order that highlights passing days more than the others. It makes me want to dive into every moment with anticipation and pleasure with all my children. Sit and talk with my 13 year old allowing my ears to be attentive for as long as she can talk. Maybe pick a project to work on with her, she will be off in her adventure so soon! I want to take my 9 year old, Jonas, out for a surf or bike ride conversing about his favorite subject, super heroes. Just me and my brown eyed boy, singling him out to show him how special he is to me. My 7 year old, Nova, would love a tea party with me and her dolls or to talk about her new pierced ears and all the fashionable earring possibilities that await her earlobes, it would mean the world to her! But even just a regular morning routine, or a drive to a dance lesson has become something I have begun to savor, taking nothing for granted and thanking the Lord for every opportunity to be this mom, to these kids.

I am definitely having one of those moments, where I want to catch all the little events of the passing day and memories in a big box of keep-sakes, but every precious bit of them is to numerous and frequent to chase, like trying to catch air. So, I will just enjoy, conscientiously every second, stopping and smelling the roses as much as we can. I can see why God created eternity; he must feel the same adoration and value every moment with each one of us so He has made a place where it never ends☺

Well I say it a lot, and I will say it again, LIFE IS PRECIOUS!

I don’t want to miss a beat! Nothing is more glamorous or valuable than right now, wherever you are! Enjoy, savor, take it in with praise to your creator.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing that Lily! As a mother of a 2.5 yr old and one on the way, I have had this constant feeling of needing to do, accomplish, or pursue something other than JUST being a mom. It's been a challenge to really enjoy the season of life that I'm in, to BE rather than DO. You don't know how much your words encouraged me, thank you for encouraging young mom's like myself! :)

  2. Love what you shared, Lily. As a mother of grown children -- a resounding "yes!" to your blog post. Difficult as it is to take care of very young ones, time goes by SO fast.

    As i see my adult children, now parents themselves with babies, it's so amazing. I see the importance of what i did. while in the growing years it seems it will never end -- how could that much time ever go by? but it does and they are grown.

    i am so glad for all the times i was patient, spent time with them, loved being with them. And remorseful of the times i didn't stay in the moment or resented the work of caring for them.

    Totally agree, Lily -- savor EVERY moment! So precious, and so important how we interact with our little ones. Blessings all you moms! -patti :)