Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh, YE Saints! by Danielle Aceino

Here is a cool thought from my friends blog:Danielle Aceino's blog

 Oh, YE Saints!
So, interesting discovery.  I was making my way through with enough surface skills to make a quick discovery.  I am not sure about the organizational and theological study aids, but I if you give it to me plain and simple, I can understand the revy with the best of them.  Word of the moment: SAINT.  I wanted to know what the word meant, because, well, we ARE saints.  When Paul addressed believers he called them SAINTS.  However, what I really want to know is how did the trend come about of calling ourselves sinners?  We, the righteousness of Christ, redeemed and delivered are called sinners?  Is it humility? No, it is heresy- plain and simple.
Well, I found the word SAINT on blueletterbible.  Here it is:
and it means:most holy thing
Then, I found other uses of the same word.  You know where else this word pops up?  Matthew 1:18, when he talks about the HOLY Spirit.  That’s right.  The word for HOLY Spirit is the same word used for SAINT.  It’s the SAME word.
I am not even going to explain it.  Just think about it.  How do we view ourselves?  We need to talk highly of ourselves because honestly, it’s Christ we are talking about.  He IS our identity.  He is the only ONE who matters, and HE died to make us righteous.  So, let’s claim it.  Own it. Oh, and say THANK YOU!  :)


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