Monday, December 5, 2011

Fun For Christmas

Candy gifts is Mason jars
homemade peanut butter cup recipe
Make your own wreath.Here is a link for some ideas
Another cute idea
This is the wreath we are making this year. I am using California bay leaves as a main base with lavender, rosemary and sage and a bit of peppercorn. Makes a good gift or fund raiser too.
we used to make mason jar snow globes as kids, they are fun!
I like to have my kids make figurines with sculpty clay. Here is a simple tutorial
Our family loves to pass around surprise balls at a family Christmas party or gathering

Find little treasures......

And wind them one by one with cray paper tutorial
My kids look forward to the advent calendar each year, we usually hide candy in the boxes or a note with a fun activity planned for the 24 days of Christmas ( up till Christmas Eve). Here is a tutorial for this Advent Calendar .  
Make ornaments with the kids! We made these this year, you can buy the clear balls to fill at any craft store this time of year.

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