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Summer 2011 Photo Journaling (better late than never)

There goes another wonderful summer, way to fast!  Everyone is another year older and once again, we Crowder's have much to be thankful for. 
We took a family trip to the beautiful and very underrated state of Utah, we have had some amazing family trips but this was by far one of the best!  Here we are at the top of Angels Landing in Zion National Park, we did this hike in the early evening just after we arrived. The colors were breathtaking in the evening light, all the kids were so amazed at the plants, beetles and rocks and caves on the way up. At the top, some of us freaked out, the trail ends with a chain rope out to a narrow landing with 1000ft drops on either side. I left Ezekiel and dad at the base of the landing and attempted to scale it with Maile, Jonas and Nova ( harnessed to my waste) after 30ft, I froze and decided there was no way in Gods green earth that I was going any further!   Angels Landing:
I am starting to feel a little freaked out here.

Nova is not scared a bit, she says, "come on guys!"

the caves and rock formations on the way up Angels Landing

Nova wore this outfit the whole time, we called her "Adventure Nova" she was outfitted like a pro and very proud of her cool gear.  Here she is on our way across a desert in search for the longest slot canyon trail in Utah.

Here we are on an overnight back-pack trip in Zion.  We did the West rim trail up to a water fall and slept in bivy sacks at the top of the water fall.  John told stories of the "morman ghost" by the fire, early that night we were visited by a whole load of Mormon families on four-wheelers, it was pretty Trippe:)

Slot canyon beauty

Longest slot canyon trail in Utah and the world

And here is "Adventure Nova" again

My beautiful teenager, it was so fun steeling away for this family trip before she started high school.

Bryce canyon.  By this day we had hiked a good 5 days and 20miles so we had to bribe the little guys to keep going with a treat, the coveted and dangerously potent Red Bull drink was all the motivation needed. By the end of the trip we nick-named Ezekiel "Red-Bull Charger" because he became a hiking desert animal at one sip, it was too funny!
Our last night camping.  I love camping in the desert, love the warmth at night, the sounds and the bright starry sky.  We sang hymns and realized that our youngest kids don't know very many "churchy" songs, when I asked my 5 year old what his favorite worship song to lead us all in around the fire was he said "Dynamite", here is the song.  It was so funny and I love how un-church cultured my kids have become but still full of Christ....We will still learn some of the classic hymns this year for school:)

Celebrating Fathers day with my dad in Davenport, CA. It has been so special to be able to live by my father again.

Ezekiel turns 6! Here he is with his requested Godzilla cake.

And here he is his birthday morning with his requested, breakfast in bed!

June 29th, 2005.  Six years ago we welcomed another wonderful character into the Crowder family.

Ezekiel's favorites:
 food: Well he loves all food! but his favorite meal is chicken pot pie.

things he likes to do: play games on moms phone, listen to his favorite songs ( Zombie by the Cranberries, Fireflies by Owl City, Dynamite by Tao Cruz, Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley and many more) He loves music! And has a great taste for music, we just started him in piano lessons!
He also likes riding his bike in the woods, surfing and boogie boarding, playing board games and anything that has to do with what his big brother Jonas likes. Where Jonas goes, Zook's goes, what Jonas like, he likes.

Books and movies: He loves "Where the Sidewalk Ends", the Far Side Comics, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( the first chapter book I have caught him reading on his own).  His favorite movie, and still our family's favorite is "Nacho Libre'"

The best way to describe my six year old Ezekiel: He is by far the funniest Crowder, God just made him funny, he makes people laugh on a daily basis. 
He is also very smart and this adds to his great wit, he gets older humor and doesn't miss a beat in conversation.
He is very tough, like a bull in a china shop most times, but very tender, loves babies and animals.
He is very social and "cool"
He has great Faith!
He is always up for adventure and fun!

Our cousins from Alaska , Noelle and Sophia, visit us.

Forth of July with our buddies.

Nova turns *!

The pig piniata that John made for her birthday, just got it's nose whacked off.

Opening her gift, a big block of clay that she asked for, she is very excited to create.

This is a colt we got to witness being born, it was a wonderful birthday gift to  Nova.

Nova's Favorites:

Things to do: Play! Nova has always been a free spirited, uninhibited child at play. She is outdoors often! Loves nature and playing with animals. 
Loves doing art and creating things, playing the piano and singing, riding horses and surfing.

Food: anything sweet!

Books or Movies: Animal books and science books. Animal movies!

Best way to describe eight year old Nova:
Creative! I have never met someone so creative, she is always drawing, painting, sewing, sculpting and designing and her creations are one of a kind!  She is an artist through and through.
She also loves to sing and has a great voice and lots of charisma. I could see her as a musician as well. She has such "flare" about her.
She loves relationships and people, loves to spend time with people she loves and loves to give gifts to show her appreciation for people.

She is very pure and loving, very spiritually in tune and sensitive. 

Nova has always been a "one of a kind."

This is one of my favorite photos of the kids when they were little, life is sweet!

John surprised me with a few days in Maui, here I am in the town where I was born, Paia, Maui.

Maile and Jonas

Maile turns 14!

Celebrating Maile turning 14 in downtown Santa Cruz.

14 years ago, me and new born Maile
Maile's Favorites:

Maile has become such an amazing young lady, she has been given such natural abilities and character to be very successful in whatever path she chooses, I am in awe at the person she is!

She is amazing musically, academically and artistically but still has such a passion for dance, giving many hours to practice each week. This year she made Senior Company at the Santa Cruz Ballet Theater and she has grown in her dance immensely. She would love to be in a professional company some day.

She started high school this year and got into a very prestigious prep school through a very challenging lottery system, so she is very excited to be getting a strong education.  Being an overachiever, she will do very well I am sure.

Even as the teenager of the family, she remains close and adored by her younger siblings, Maile is the leader of her siblings and a leader in other circles as well.

She is very wise and perceptive, non-emotional in her decisions but very compassionate. She loves truth and justice and will always stand up for the "under-dog".

She is very "savvy" and doesn't miss a beat but remains very pure and innocent, something I am so thankful for.

She is so smart and so beautiful and we are so proud of her! 

"Nova and butterfly"

out on the lake

One of our many hot Summer days at the swimming hole in Henry Cowell State Park.

Early morning surf and plein air painting, this was a wonderful day!

Ezekiel learning to surf

Ezekiel get a concussion

Beautiful Maile

Toothless grin.

Jonas the man!

fishing with dad

the teeth keep falling out

in line to ride the "Big Dipper" at the Boardwalk on locals night. Something I have been doing since I was six years old.

Jonas turns 10!
Jonas' favorites:

Favorite things to do:
Jiu Jitsu, surfing, camping, biking, guitar and pretty much anything! Jonas is game for anything!

Favorite food:
Jonas loves any homemade meal or treat I make for him, cooking is the way to his heart.

Movies and books:
Loves the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy books and movies. Love Gary Larson Far Side comics and Calvin and Hobes.

Best way to describe ten year old Jonas:
Jonas is turning into such a fine young man. He is the kindest most loving genuine person I know. He put everyone before himself, and will never put anyone down. He has such a sweet, compassionate heart and is very in tune and perceptive to the needs of others. He is so sweet!

He values relationships immensely, loves conversation and will sit and talk about life for hours:) 

He is very inquisitive, love facts and details and is very excited to learn. He applies himself very well academically, musically and his sports.

He is such a great kid! So sweet and easy going and loving! 
Maile  and newborn baby Jonas....Time goes way to fast!
Teach us the number of our days that we may enter the heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

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