Saturday, June 5, 2010

End of the school year

This was such a great school year for me.  Last year, when we were living in GA, I was so isolated and homeschooling just added to that.  I asked God for a good net-work for my next year and that is just what he gave me.  After we moved to California, I asked some of my old friends with children if there were any home-school groups around the area, one friend recommended one that met once a week, provided all the curriculum except math and science and corrected all the papers!  It sounded perfect so I checked it out and found out that they met across the street from our house!  God is so good! 

So any way, the year was great, Jonas and Maile went to the school and I kept Nova back and worked on her reading a bit more.  They learned about medieval time period, so at the end of the year the put on a medieval feast, this is them at their feast.  We also dressed up and John was able to wear his monk robe for another occasion other than a meeting:)
I really do enjoy teaching them at home, even on my harder days I am so grateful of all the time I have had to learn with them and get to know them as individuals, I can honestly say that I, a high school drop-out, unorganized, so NOT a type A personality, has some very well educated kids.  It is pretty rewarding.
Covenant Family Tutorial This is the school, awesome teachers and wonderful families.

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