Saturday, June 5, 2010

Road trip across country, west to east and back again

John started the trip out with the two younger ones, Nova and Ezekiel, he equipped them with cowboy gear as they were headed out into the wild, wild west.  I Would join him later in Atlanta with Jonas while we finished school and then Maile would meet us even later so she could be in a ballet performance she was lead role in.  As the kids get older we are learning to adjust to things that are important to them, it seemed to all work out:)  John did great with the two little guys, they would send clips of them driving, or eating bar B-Q, they were so funny together.  He would bring them to meetings and they would "help" preach.  At one point ezekies had spray painted the back steps of a pastors house, this is where I would have come in handy:)

The trip was awesome and our best across country trip yet, no sickness or any major drama (except I did accidentally black out and drive us all into Canada without our passports whilst viewing Niagara Falls, we got back over the border though.)

After hours (sometimes 8 hours a day) in the car, I found creative ways to get out my kids wiggles.  Rock climbing gyms or walls can be found in most cities.  This gym is in Minneapolis.  I would also hit the pool of course at our hotel.
I love scaling the country with my children, we all learn how small this world really is, how possible it is to travel every crevasse finding and discovering all the beauty this sweet world has to offer.  I love how we get to see all the spectrums of life, from coast to coast, seeing how different people live from cities to farm land from east to west.  People are so cool!

Here our kids are dancing in a sweet church in Kansas where the kids outnumber the adults, not something you often find in the west coast.  It feels so vibrant and alive to experience such a common joy in parenting and worshiping God together with our children.  I loved my time in Kansas.
Our favorite of the stops, after weeks of ministering at dozens of churches, countless hours of driving, we ended in Durango, CO.  This would have to be, by far the most beautiful states I have seen, and I have seen all 50!  We were blessed with horseback riding and a private cabin on a natural reserve where we encountered Elk and John even spied a mountain lion!  It was a rejuvenating couple of days.

We ended our trip in the Grand Canyon, for my birthday.  The sense of vastness is so enriching for us all ( I am just glad we didn't loose Ezekiel over the edge.
Awe and wonderment is good for the spirit at any age, nothing like Gods creation to send us spinning!

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