Sunday, June 6, 2010

the Santa Cruz Church

"The Greatest Ecstasy..."

"We speak recklessly about the forgiveness of sins, but few pause to consider the indulgent pleasure awarded to those who are in right standing before God. The greatest ecstasy, the greatest state of awe and wonder that has been extended to us is the offer to be fully cleansed and return to the sweet nectar in the bosom of all that God is.
Oh the bliss of him whose guilt is pardoned, and his sin forgiven! Oh the bliss of him whom the Eternal has absolved, whose spirit has made full confession.
—Psalm 32:1-2, Moffatt"
From The Ecstasy of Loving God by John Crowder


"Limitless Possibilities of The New Creation..."

Matt"At the first sip of the Good News we come face to face with the realities and limitless possibilities of the New Creation.
A Christian is altogether new and enjoys a joy-filled life in a new world. Christians are set free not only from sin and its effects, but are also set free from themselves!
This is how the Distilled Bible describes our new existence:
I consider myself as having died and now I am enjoying a second existence which is simply Jesus using my body.
—Galations 2:20, Distilled Bible"
From The Happy Gospel by Ben Dunn

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